Essentials and Project Based Learning


Art -Students will inquire, connect, create and reflect on art through collaboration, exploration of materials and inquiring about the works of contemporary artists. We will be focusing on our process as GRS Artists by exploring big questions and building our skills in printmaking, ceramics, drawing and painting.

Technology – Students create  and share coding projects in the areas of Storytelling, Game Design, Art, Fashion and Design, Animation, and Social Media. Students use CAD applications to create and print 3D designs.  Students learn what is means to be a Digital Citizen and a Digital Age Learner.

Team sports (Physical Education) – Students participate in team sport(s) activities learning strategies and team sportsmanship

5th Grade Band – This is our beginning band.  Instruments offered are flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion.  We give at least two concerts per year.  Students in beginning band are eligible to audition for the DPS Citywide Festival
Advanced Band – This class is offered as a PBL this year and is open to middle school students who have a year or more experience on their instrument.  We give 2-3 concerts per year.  Students in advanced band are eligible to audition for the DPS Citywide Festival, participate in the DPS Solo/Ensemble Festival, and in the DPS Band Showcase.
Exploratory Music – This class is open to all middle school students and takes a Modern Band approach to our state standards.  Students will learn the basics of ukulele or guitar, drum set (percussion), bass, keyboard, and vocals.  We will focus on performing music, music theory, creating music, and analyzing/discussing music.
Project-Based Learning (Grades 6-8) Small group, PBL classes –  Robotics, GRS Yearbook, Student Government, Mindfulness, GRS Newspaper, Latinos in Action, Sports Statistics, Mural Art, Stage Presence, Shakespeare and Community Engagement, Human Impact on the Environment, Peace Jam, Social Justice learning, and Modern Band