Essentials 2018/19  


Technology – Students create  and share coding projects in the areas of Storytelling, Game Design, Art, Fashion and Design, Animation, and Social Media. Students use CAD applications to create and print 3D designs.  Students learn what is means to be a Digital Citizen and a Digital Age Learner.

Team sports (Physical Education) – Students participate in team sport(s) activities learning strategies and team sportsmanship

Choir – Trimester Class, students will sing every day and learn about music theory and vocal technique, arranging and composing music, and how to accompany themselves on the Ukulele. Students will perform in a concert at the end of the trimester.

Modern Band Class – This would be a class that focuses on learning to play, perform on, and compose with modern band instruments (drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals).

Project-Based Learning (Grades 7/8) Small group, PBL classes –  Robotics, GRS Yearbook, Student Government, Mindfulness, GRS Newspaper, Latinos in Action