Student Council

Grant Ranch students  believe in our DPS values of collaboration and fun.  Spirit Weeks, school dances, and fundraising for those in need are some examples of how students are engaged at Grant Ranch and with the community.

Upcoming Spirit Week:

  • Monday (4/22) – Pajama & Crazy Hair Day

Roll out of bed and come to school in pajamas and crazy hair! No slippers, please.

  • Tuesday (4/23) – Mismatch & Tie-Dye Day

Long socks with shorts? Polka dots with neon stripes? Two different shoes? Throw some tie-dye in there, and come to school in your best mismatched outfit!

  • Wednesday (4/24) – Workout Wednesday / Nerd Day

Passionate about sports or school? Show it off!

  • Thursday (4/25) – Future So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades

Wear your favorite shades with a college shirt/hoodie you would LOVE to attend OR dress up as your future career.

  • Friday (4/26) – Hippies vs. Hipsters

The ultimate showdown! Dress up as a 60s hippie or a modern day, suspender wearin’, flannel shirt sportin’, mustache havin’ hipster.