Cameron Thorstad
Special Education

Cameron Thorstad



Mr. T was born and raised in Aurora, CO many years ago.  In the very late 1900s Mr. T left the A-Team to attend Clemson University down south, and major in Elementary Education. When he graduated he started his teaching career in Charlotte, North Carolina.  During the early years he attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to get his graduate degree in Special Education.  After many years of teaching, and beginning to raise a family with his wife, including a daughter, and a son it was time to move the four of them back to Colorado to be closer to extended family.

Now with 16 years teaching experience under his belt he continues his career in Denver Public Schools as a Special Education Teacher.  He and his wife decided not to move back to Aurora, opting instead to head a little farther west to be closer to the mountains in SW Denver.  The four of them enjoy many outdoor activities including, hiking, running, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and many others that keep them active and outside.  Mr. T also has two very old dogs, and a few hens that provide the family with some delicious eggs.  When he isn’t with his students, or outside he also enjoys training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  If you catch him in one of his quiet down moments you may find him reading, sketching, or making photographs.