DPS Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy: As part of recent changes to the United States Department of Agriculture’s regulations for school district’s participating in the National School Lunch Program, Denver Public Schools has updated its school wellness policy.
Starting this year, food sold and provided to students during the school day, outside of the school meal program, must now meet new nutritional guidelines. The new guidelines are intended to reduce students’ consumption of high calorie foods and sugary drinks. This means healthier options like fruits and vegetables and less food like chips and candy for students. The updated policy will help us continue to foster an environment where students are healthy, engaged and safe.
These guidelines apply in all locations and through all services where food and beverages are provided and/or sold, which may include, but are not limited to school stores, parties and celebrations, and food provided as rewards or incentives in the classroom. http://foodservices.dpsk12.org/school-wellness.php